Last week my son came home from school full of excitement. He said daddy I told my teacher about your artwork and she said I could bring it to show the class. The look in his eyes just told me that he was proud of me as much as I’m as proud of him. So now I’m lending a few pieces to his classroom to inspire him and his classmates to reach for their goals and dreams.

When we have a goal in life we will face many obstacles along the way. Some People will tell you your dreams will never come true, but don’t let the negativity pull you down. Just keep climbing that mountain and with every landslide, keep pushing forward until you reach the top of the mountain.
~Mack Bo Ross

Everyone has their path that they will take in life and it will be full of challenges. We must find which path we will follow with every single stride we take.
~Mack Bo Ross
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He looks so proud of his daddy!


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